Yan Vishnepolsky
Principal Design Researcher
I leverage my 13 years of experience in user research, strategy and team leadership to help with decision-making at high-profile clients like the United Nations, JPMorgan Chase, and T-Mobile. I provide research to make products human-centered, helping organizations understand their users and customers. My skills in mixed-method research and research operations energize teams with a strategic approach and drive complex problem solving.


- Christian Brennan, Product Designer, Mentee, Tallwave

"I wholeheartedly recommend Yan for any UX research or design position. His unique qualities, skill sets, and unwavering dedication to the craft of user research make him an invaluable asset to any team. Working and being mentored by Yan has been insightful and exciting. I am confident that his contributions will significantly enhance any organization fortunate enough to work with him."

- Jesse Gardner, UXR Director, Mentor, New York State

"Yan is smart and proactive. Every session, he joins with a ton of preparation work and puts into practice the things we talk about. I think he'd be a really useful addition to a user research practice."

- Sebastian Krestin, Product Designer, Tallwave

"Yan has the ability to integrate diverse perspectives and synthesize them into actionable insights and I wholeheartedly recommend Yan for any team or organization needing an impact-driven and committed professional. I am confident that he would deliver exceptional results in his future endeavors."

- Megan Falzone, UX Researcher, Mentor, IBM

"Yan is a strong candidate for a UX Researcher role. He's very receptive to feedback and ensures that he has incorporated it to be stronger. His dual research and design experience makes him ideal to bridge the gap between the two practices."