UX Research Roadmap for a Fortune 100 Bank, 2022

  • Situation:┬áLed a Tallwave project team to develop a research roadmap document for a major bank. The target users were customer service agents with distinct personas and research needs. By the time the UX Research Roadmap document was created, there was a substantial amount of existing research, primarily in user interviews and usability tests.
  • Task: Streamline research operations and provide a forward-looking perspective on user research. Anticipating research needs and planning a strategy fostered a more organized work environment.
  • Action:┬áThe User Research Roadmap document was created in consultation with the product manager, based on the product roadmap.
  • Action: The document incorporated the discussed card sort and other research conducted during that time.
  • Action: The strategy was designed to be continuously updated using research operations and provided a 6-8 month outlook (due to the travel industry's unpredictability).
  • Result: Significantly reduced call handling times for customer service agents, resulting in a directly resulting in millions of dollars in savings. This achievement was made possible by collaborating with designers who created prototypes and the research team. Improved efficiency also enhanced the overall customer experience.
  • Result: Research could be planned in advance, allowing for more efficient and impactful user research and supporting user research allowed us to triangulate our data, allowing for mixed methods on a strategic level.
Download User Research Roadmap