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Card Sort Study

Pricing Encyclopedia Redesign, 2022

As part of my role as the Principal User Researcher at Tallwave, I led a UX team of three UX designers in research to redesign a pricing encyclopedia application, known as the "Fare Rules" application. This application is used for customer service agents across the travel industry to determine customer costs. Tallwave's client is among the top three US banks. The project significantly reduced call handling time for customer service agents and created substantial cost savings.

Leading into the Project...

Approach to Research


5 Groups
Identified via the card sort
70-80% Correlation
User Agreement about Groups
2 Minutes
Reduction in Call Handling Time
  • Outcome: Improved information architecture, efficient Fare Rules management, reduced workload on customer service, and enhanced customer experiences, based on quantitative Ease of Use scores.

  • After the Project: As is typical during formative research, this study was followed by a usability test, which yielded additional data and suggested integrating the dashboard and other features.

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