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Email Study for a University, 2021

At Nabler, as Senior Manager of User Research, I led a research team of three to optimize email footers for a higher education client, PEC. Our mixed methods study identified the most effective email template, boosting conversion rates.

Case Study Summary

  • Company Overview: Nabler, a data analytics agency, is undergoing a rebranding process as of June 2023.

  • Study Overview: At Nabler, I led a study for PEC, focusing on Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO). We used an explanatory research approach, combining qualitative and quantitative data.

Image of slides of change recommendations from study

Pre-existing Research

Approach to Research

  • Objective: Enhance user engagement on PEC's websites by identifying strengths and weaknesses. Improve user experience to attract and retain more students
  • Challenges: Persuading the client to value qualitative data. I used it to triangulate and explain the quantitative data.
  • Method: I convinced the client to use a mixed methods study, combining SEO and Google Analytics with user interviews and usability testing.

Image of the 3 Email Options


3/5 users
found the first and third emails most helpful
2/5 participants
found the third email least helpful
2/5 users
recommended adding contact info and deleting some text from the first email

To see a high-level overview of the study itself, you can download it here:
Download Client Presentation (high-level)