Spotlighted Case Studies


The spotlighted case studies contain user research artifacts including a user research playbook, a card sort, and a mixed methods study. These artifacts showcase my approach to utilizing data for design and research decision-making, cultivating a research-oriented culture, and strategizing research.  Please refer to the Research Process page for a more comprehensive understanding of my overall process. All case studies in my portfolio have been assessed by relevant stakeholders as shareable due to their age or explicit permission. I have more case studies available upon request.
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UX Research Democratization, 2023
Creation of a User Research Playbook
At Tallwave, as the Principal User Researcher, I chose to author a user research playbook to disseminate, standardize, and optimize user research practices within the UX team. The playbook was incorporated into Community of Practice coaching sessions, enabling widespread adoption and enhancement of user research processes, pushing the best of democratization.
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Email UX Research for a University, 2021
Mixed Methods Study for Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)
At Nabler, as the Senior Manager of User Research, I led a team of three researchers to conduct a mixed methods email footer study, for a client in the higher education space. Building on prior research data, the study aimed to identify the most effective email to send prospective students in order to increase enrollment. As a result, we identified the correct email template and increased conversion rates.
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Pricing Encyclopedia Redesign, 2022
Card Sort for a bank among the top three in the US
As part of my role as the Principal User Researcher at Tallwave, I led a UX team in research to redesign a pricing encyclopedia, known as the "Fare Rules" application. Fare Rules is used for customer service agents across the travel industry to determine customer costs. Tallwave's client is among the top three US banks. The redesign significantly reduced call handling time for customer service agents and created substantial cost savings.
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